Peghole profile

Peghole is a multimedia company based in Montréal, Canada that specializes in quality content. We provide various services including game development and programming, CD-Rom development, digital 2D and 3D computer graphics and animation, and new media technology research and development.

Since september 2003 Peghole also has a woodworking and renovation department because the eyestrain of staring at computer monitors all the time proved not healthy for our staff.

Although the latest technologies are the tools of the trade, multimedia is nothing without content. We are dedicated to conveying ideas - effectively, creatively, and appropriately. With each project we make information easy to understand, and fun to explore.

Our clients include Fortune 500 and other companies around the globe.

Why is Peghole called Peghole?

The founder of Peghole was originally an animator and the Peghole name and logo are derived from something you use in the noble art of cell animation. Coincidently the name was also appropiate for our woodworking and renovation department.
The Peghole logo is not printed: it consists of a series of three holes punched in the paper of our business cards, stationery and even in our headquarters. These holes, two rectangular ones and a round one in the middle, are originally used to register the drawings of an animated cartoon. They fit precisely on a metal bar with similarly shaped pegs (indeed: that device is called a pegbar!) so every drawing in an animated sequence is exactly at the same place. Unfortunately we can't punch holes in your computerscreen (if interactive technology has developed a little further we will consider adding this to our website as a new feature...) so on this site we've used a graphic representation of the logo.

If you want to see the real Peghole logo you can commission us to make a cool Shockwave game, a CD-Rom presentation, a nice piece of furniture or something else and we'll sent you a genuine invoice with these holes in it!

So that's why Peghole is called Peghole. (And for those of you who have other thoughts when they hear that name, the answers are: yes, no, no, yes and no.)